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Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Options

     We’re going to talk more about home treatment and therapy of plantar fasciitis rather than any scary surgical procedures.  We'll save that for your doctor, should you actually need to see him.  One of the best easy and free ways to treat plantar fasciitis is rest.  Yes you need to rest that little bugger.  For you runners, no more running for awhile.  If you stand all day at work, ask for a chair.  This is the only way that your foot can heal.  Rest really should be longer than just 1 week and more like 3-4 weeks.  During that time you can apply ice to keep the inflammation down and take over the counter medications to aid as well.


     Many try to use inserts, but they are not always as effective.  The reason for that is you are still putting pressure on the plantar fascia ligament.  The foot night splint is one of the best home treatment options for plantar fasciitis.  You can wear this device at night while you rest comfortably.

Let's now talk about the different types of night splints on the market.
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     The night splint is used to stretch the planter fascia to around 90 degrees.   Stretching of the plantar fascia ligament is a very important part of treatment as well as prevention.  The primary reason stretching is important is due to the fact that the plantar fascia tends to tighten up around the heel making it susceptible to stress.  When a night splint is worn, you are able to stretch both the calf muscles and the plantar fascia keeping it from tightening up.


You may even consider a pair of crutches while you are at home and wear the night splint during the day.  This will give your foot even more of a rest and stretch allowing your plantar fascia ligament to heel.


Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Information